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Appreciation of Mobile Homes.  The mobile home communities, especially in South OC have drastically increased in value due to a number of factors:   Location, Rent control only in San Juan Capistrano on these communities, the housing market which has gone out of control and of course the rental market have all contributed to appreciation of our mobile homes.

Recently in San Juan Capistrano homes have sold between $250,000 and $500,000 depending on the age and condition of the home.   We have sold some that we call "pull outs" for $150,000-$180,000 just to have them taken off the lot and replace with a brand new home.  Even though we do not own the land, the value of utilizing the "lot" still has value.

UTILITIES:   Most park communities do not include any utilities.  SDGE and SoCal Gas services are billed directly from the utility companies.   In addition, the homeowner pays for sewer, trash and water which is metered and read then added to your monthly statement.  

 LOANS:     Keep in mind this is "personal property".  When there is no land ownership the loans are considered personal property loans.  Even though most consider it their mortgage as they are paying for their "home".  Typical interest rates right now are 7.5-10+%.   Generally a 20% down payment is also required.  There are only certain lenders that will loan on mobile homes when you don't own the land.  

Park Requirements:  The buyer of the home has to meet with the park manager to get park approved, basically proving they have a source of income to pay their space rent. Also, the prospective buyers credit history.   They generally require 3x the amount of space rent.  Ex: 3 times $985 per month =  $2,955 gross income.   Also, age requirements, senior or all age parks.  Most senior parks owners must be 55 or older.

One more comment, most parks do not allow you to purchase and then rent it out.   They have to be "owner" occupied.  It does make a difference on how the park looks and homes are maintained with "pride of ownership".  

"Security" There is a sense of "neighborhood" which creates closer relationships than generally found on stick built home communities. People feel closer to each other in a community and look out for each other. Space rents vary on different parks. Some have long term leases which are transferable. Some are controlled by the Consumer Price Index. Check with park management at the desired park of interest to find out what they offer.

If you're considering "down sizing", "less maintenance", "lower overhead" with more time on your hands to enjoy your lifestyle, than I would recommend mobile home living. If you want "home ownership", but can't see paying that high mortgage and property taxes, than consider a mobile home. Mobile homes are in more demand now than ever due to the increased prices of real estate and also the rental market.

Our Mobile Home Parks are Ideally positioned to enjoy the proximity to beaches, cafes, theaters, restaurants, shopping centre, and a selection of schools, entertainment  and close to transportation.Quick bike ride to the sands of Doheny Beach, easy stroll into historic downtown San Juan Capistrano, while living in the affordable communities and rent controlled. 

Come and Finally Start Living! Enjoy Your Life and “Simplify”!

Rent Controlled Parks!
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There are family and senior parks to choose from depending on your living arrangements. View some of the homes listed and call for others. As a mobile home owner myself and fully aware of all aspects of mobile home living, allow us to help you find that perfect home.     

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