Orange County Mobile Homes



History of the Industry

Did they have mobile homes back in 1913? Probably not, probably the closest you will find to a mobile home back in 1913 would be a covered wagon, but they did start the department back in 1913.  They were in charge of regulating housing for immigrants.  The first name of the Department was the Commission of Immigration and Housing.

In the past, we had a housing shortage in the State of California so the Department was in charge of regulating housing for immigrants coming into California.

In 1929, the Legislature enacted the Auto Camp; in 1929, they changed the name to the Division of Housing and Sanitation. They soon dropped the Sanitation, housing and garbage does not have a good ring to it.  The Department was known for many years as the Department of Housing, the initials DOH is derived from that name change. In the 70's, they renamed the Department to the Dept of Housing and Community Development that is what it is called today.

The Auto Camp that was enacted in 1929 was a very important act. It provided for health and safety systems for people to survive as to where they could have laundry facilities and to have a place to shower, bathe, and use the restroom. With The advent of trailers during the 1930's it was determined they also came under the provision of the Auto Camp Act and in 1939 provisions specifically regulating trailer camps were added to the Auto Camp act, and in 1947 the term "park" was substituted for camp.

Manufactured homes, Mobile Home Parks as we know them today, went from being called auto camps to trailer camps to trailer parks by 1947.  We have to remember that trailers did not come into being until the 1930's.  They became very

Popular, because it was a mode of being able to load your belongings and have your home and travel to the promised land of California.

Trailers were known until July 1, 1961 at which time they were renamed Mobile homes. July of 1961 legislature repealed the entire trailer park act and enacted a new part of the health and safety code entitled Mobile homes and Mobile home Parks to determine construction of and operation of mobile home parks in California.

One step further in 1979 and we went from being called a vehicle to being called a structure.  Our product became known as a manufactured home and consequently we had to have the Department, the Dept of Housing and Community Development start handling the titling and registration. Our product was no longer a vehicle.  This was the reason the DMV for many years had titled and registered them, even though our codes and standards were regulated by the Department of Housing and Community Development we were titled by the DMV.

By becoming a structure instead of a vehicle, the titling and registration requirements had to be relegated to the Dept of Housing and Community Development. This was supposed to have taken effect on July 1, 1980, however, in 1980, the nation's economy was in a recession and whenever the nation's economy goes into recession the states feel it.

When the DMV had the vehicle licensing of mobile homes, they based the licensing fee on 1.5% of the sales price and so there were some healthy license fees going to the DMV.

Now we were going to have the California Dept of Housing taking on a structure licensing program and would only license the home one time, be a flat fee, there would be no renewals because they were going on the local property tax rolls, unsecured personal property tax rolls.


More information can be obtained by contacting the Department of Housing at:

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Mobile home Ombudsman (Complaints) (916) 323-9801 

Western Manufactured Housing Community Association

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Orange County Tax Assessors (714) 834-2727

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